The Temescal Telegraph BID is presently composed of 10 board members.

The Board's President, Vice-President I & II, Secretary and Treasurer make up the Executive Committee which helps manage and focus the Board's responsibilities.

We look forward to hearing from you and are actively seeking volunteers. All meetings are open to the public.

Note: During Shelter in Place in Alameda County, all meetings will be conducted via Zoom, which has video conferencing and call-in capabilities.

Starting in October 2020, DE/ED Committee meetings will start at 3:30pm

  • Board – Meets 4th Wed. at 6pm
  • DEsign/Econ Development Committee – Meets 3rd Thurs, at 3:30pm,
  • Promotion/Safety Committee – Meets 1st  Wed., at 9:30 am
  • Executive Committee - Meets 2nd Tue., at 5pm
  • Merchant Support & Outreach Committee (tentatively meets 3rd Tuesday at 4pm)
  • Neighborhood Council - Meets 3rd Wed. at 7 pm at Faith Presbyterian Church every other month on odd months. (not occurring during SIP)


kt headshot centered

Executive Director 
Shifra de Benedictis-Kessner
Temescal Telegraph BID
490 43rd St.
Oakland, CA 94609

Program & Marketing Assistant
Katie Larson
Temescal Telegraph BID
490 43rd St.
Oakland, CA 94609

Board of Directors

Allison Futeral
Promotion/Safety Committee

Business Owner
Crimson Horticultural Rarities
crimsonhort [at] gmail.com

Pat Smith
Vice President I
DE/ED Committee

Property Owner - 5928 Telegraph
psmith43 [at] sbcglobal.net

Tom Murphy
Promotion/Safety Committee

Property Owner
Tom [at] MurphyFinancing.com

Emil Peinert
Promotion/Safety Committee

Business Owner
Kingfish Pub and Cafe
5227 Telegraph Ave | 655-7373
emil [at] kingfishpub.com

Toni Sholes
Promotion/Safety Committee 

Business Owner
Universal Beauty Supply & Style Center
universalinoakland [at] gmail.com

Lynn Howe
Chair, Promotion/Safety Committee

Property Owner
lynn.howe [at] gmail.com

Don Macleay
DE/ED Committee

Resident, Property & Business Owner
East Bay Computer Services
dmacleay [at] earthlink.net

Marisol Vela-Chiu
DE/ED Committee 

Community Member at Large
iLdae20 [at] gmail.com

Adriana Valencia
Chair, DE/ED Committee 

Community Member at Large
avalenc [at] gmail.com

Cynthia Armour
DE/ED Committee

Community Member at Large

Daniel Chung
Promotion/Safety Committee

Business Owner
Root'd in the 510