The Temescal Telegraph BID is presently composed of 11 board members and two staff.

The Board's President, Vice-President I & II, Secretary and Treasurer make up the Executive Committee which helps manage and focus the Board's responsibilities.

We look forward to hearing from you and are actively seeking volunteers. All meetings are open to the public.

Board Meetings will be held in-person at 490 43rd St. Virtual attendance for non-Board/committee members will be available soon. Schedule and meeting links are below.

  • Board Meeting – Every 4th Wednesday at 6pm
  • DEsign/Econ Development (DE/ED) Committee – Every 3rd Thursday at 4:30pm
  • Promotion/Safety Committee – Every 1st Wednesday at 9:30 am
  • Executive Committee - Every 2nd Tuesday at 5pm

Any community member wanting to participate virtually (starting in April-May 2024) at the the link below

  • Zoom link
    • Meeting ID: 899 6841 6717 or Call-in: 1-669-900-6833; 89968416717#
    • Passcode: 210644


Screenshot_20231111-152717 (1)

Darlene Drapkin
Interim Director of Renewal


Marketing Manager

Joey Harrison
Director of Operations


Board of Directors

Pat Smith
Board President I
DE/ED Committee

Property Owner/Resident
psmith43 [at] sbcglobal.net

Daniel Chung
1st Vice President
Promotion/Safety Committee

Business Owner of Root'd in the 510
daniel [at] rootd510.com

Jordie Bornstein
2nd Vice President
DE/ED, Promotion/Safety, and Executive Committees

Community Member at Large
jordie [at] urbanhabitat510.com

Don Macleay
DE/ED Committee

Resident, Property & Business Owner
dmacleay [at] earthlink.net

Tom Murphy
Promotion/Safety and Executive Committee

Property Owner/Resident
Tom [at] MurphyFinancing.com


Seung-Yen Hong
Promotions/Safety Committee

BART - Senior Planner
seung-yen.hong [at] bart.gov

Alex Schafran
DE/ED Committee

Business Owner/Resident
schafran [at] gmail.com

Jessica Arline
Promotion/Safety Committee

Children's Hospital - Associate Director, Community Relations
jessica.arline [at] ucsf.edu

Adriana Valencia
Chair, DE/ED Committee 

Community Member at Large
avalenc [at] gmail.com


Emil Peinert
Promotion/Safety Committee
Business & Property Owner

Owner of Kingfish Pub and Cafe
emil [at] kingfishpub.com

Tom headshot old

Tom Ames
DE/ED Committee

Community member at large
ames.studio [at] gmail.com