New BID-Sponsored Public Art in Temescal

Artist Lori Anne Fischer, supported by funding from Councilmember Dan Kalb’s office, the Temescal Business Improvement District, and the Brignole Family, has installed a gorgeous mural entitled “RISE” along the East side of Shattuck Ave between 46th and 47th St. The RISE mural depicts a woman and tree with the message of “RISE” in the background, creating a positive, beautiful design that is bold and dynamic in scope making it possible to be enjoyed by pedestrians and by those driving by.

Lori Anne Fischer is a freelance Bay Area illustrator, 1985 to present, serving individuals and organizations with illustrations, logos, and tattoo designs, specializing in serving non-profit agencies and schools.
There are 15 utility boxes in Temescal that were previously decorated by a local elementary school, that over time have been graffitied , and the vinyl became faded and peeling. In early 2017, the Temescal BID Board started work to redecorate the utility boxes in the district, and contracted with artists Eduardo ValadezLeticia Javier, and Aaron Hansen to paint new designs. In partnership with the BID, the artists created colorful designs depicting nature, the urban environment or specific subjects, with a cohesive theme of Temescal to tie the boxes together.
Eduardo Valadez is a Mexican artist from Mexico City currently working in southern California and the Bay Area. His work is primarily community based focusing on interactive and collaborative projects with a multidisciplinary focus of writing, painting, and social sculpture. He is the Founder of the conceptual project and group La Cocina Loca, Artist fellow at YBCA , and freelance mural and graphic designer .
Leticia Javier is an artist and educator from Los Angeles, CA. Her arts practice began in High School and she continued to explore her curiosity in the arts and achieved a BFA in Painting and Drawing at California College of the Arts. The Bay Area’s beautiful natural landscape has continued to inspire her art and nature has become a significant muse to her arts practice.

Aaron Hansen is a Muralist that has led or assisted well over 200 public, private, and commercial creative projects. He has been painting since a youth and has painted professionally for more than 10 years. Beginning as a Studio Artist focused on commissioned works and gallery exhibitions, he is now an integral part to the Mural Program of Palm Springs Unified School District. Aaron plans to complete more international works using Art as a medium that can communicate and help people universally.