Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

Be sure to follow these safety tips before and after shopping this holiday season! 
Before Shopping:
  • When parking and leaving your vehicle, make sure to lock all your doors.
  • Remove or Lose it! Remove all items, especially any laptops, cellphones, packages, and bags (even empty bags!) from your vehicle.
After Shopping:
  • Have your car key in hand, ready to unlock your door.
  • Check your surroundings and look around before you approach your vehicle.
  • Once in your vehicle, lock the doors.
  • Get the vehicle moving as soon as you can. Plus, then you’ll free up a parking spot for the next shopper!
If you are a victim of robbery or other crime, make a mental note of the suspect(s) description, their vehicle’s description and license number (if they have one), and call 911(from a cell: 510-777-3333). Please don’t resist; your safety, and your life, are far more important than any belongings. And remember, ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings!
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