Kasper’s Pedestrian Plaza

The Temescal Telegraph BID is planning to create a pedestrian plaza bounded by the 46th St, Shattuck Ave, Telegraph Ave and 45th St. The planned reconfiguration of this intersection would create a pedestrian plaza from the existing public sidewalk surrounding the Kasper’s building at 4521 Telegraph Ave, and expanding the area into a public plaza to include Shattuck Ave between 46th and 45th Streets, as well as 45th St between Telegraph and Shattuck Avenues. The purpose of this pedestrian plaza is to significantly improve traffic, bike and pedestrian safety, and create a welcoming public gathering place for the Temescal community.

The Temescal BID hired Groundworks Office, a design firm specializing in public spaces to design an engaging, beautiful and welcoming public plaza in this location that reflects and celebrates the Temescal community. Temescal is a vibrant neighborhood leading the Oakland renaissance, full of innovative and diverse people creating small independent thoughtfully-curated shops, restaurants and services, celebrating emerging arts and culture in our community. Elements to be considered include but are not limited to seating, tables, temporary and/or permanent art, plants, and a play area for children.

Groundworks has created preliminary design ideas and concepts, which were presented to Temescal BID stakeholders, neighborhood residents, city staff and local representatives. There were three public meetings held for the community to provide feedback on the project and initial designs. A survey was also sent out to the Oakland community, and over 500 hundred responded. They are now working to incorporate feedback under direction from the Temescal BID board to create a final design.

The Temescal BID is seeking a vibrant public plaza design that will function well despite the currently inactive state of the adjacent Kasper’s building, and also complement a food business that may operate in that building. Elements to be considered include but are not limited to seating, tables, temporary and/or permanent art, plants, performance area, and a play area for children.

Preliminary designs have also been created for this location by the city as part of their planned Complete Streets Redesign of Telegraph Ave, and are also attached for context. However, the Temescal BID is creating this plaza independent of any future Complete Street Redesign, but with the full support and cooperation of city staff.