Repave Update

The meters along Telegraph are being moved to align with the locations of the new parking spaces. Maintenance covers in the street are being lowered by the various utilities now-September 18th.⁠

The cat tracking on Telegraph from 51st to above 52nd has been approved by the city. That striping work has been combined into one “package” along with the striping and signage work to delineate the pedestrian plaza on Shattuck between 45th and 46th St, and the installation of paint to mark yellow loading, green 12-minute and blue ADA parking spaces along Telegraph and the adjacent side streets. The updated designs for that “package” were sent to the contractor this past week, and work to complete those tasks will begin soon. No definite dates on this yet, unfortunately!⁠
Upcoming work still includes: installation of 7 concrete bus boarding islands, retiming traffic signals along Telegraph Ave from 37th to 52nd St, and installation of additional meters around the corners of Telegraph (in front of commercial areas only) to replace lost parking on the Telegraph Ave.
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