Repave Telegraph Update – November 12

Installation of the striping and bollards to mark the new street design on Telegraph from 51st to above 52nd is completed. The painting of yellow loading zones, as well as green and disabled parking spaces on Telegraph Ave. will start Monday, November 30th. 
When the work to mark the types of parking is completed, the City will then start work to install new metered parking spaces on adjacent commercial streets. Infrastructure work on signals will begin Monday, November 30 and will take 2-3 weeks to complete, after which the signals will be retimed
Construction on the bus boarding islands will begin December 16th and is scheduled to be completed by January 20. The contractor will construct the bus boarding islands at Telegraph and West MacArthur Blvd first, and then work their way northbound on Telegraph to complete a total of seven bus stops. The City has received a quote for the pedestrian plaza on Shattuck Ave and the contractor will commence work after Thanksgiving.
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