11th Annual Taste of Temescal

Tuesday, May 18th, 2021


Fundraiser for Oakland Tech, Emerson Elementary, Claremont Middle, Sankofa United Elementary, and La Clínica de La Raza

Taste of Temescal returns in 2021 as a socially distanced and COVID-safe culinary crawl, on Tuesday, May 18th, 5 - 9pm! Scintillate your palates with this culinary crawl (like farm-to-table trick or treat), one of Temescal's most delectable annual events, and fundraiser for local schools and nonprofits: Oakland Tech, Emerson Elementary, Claremont Middle School, Sankofa United Elementary and La Clinica de La Raza! Enjoy an evening of food, drink, and live music, along Telegraph Avenue from 40th to 51st Streets, and in Temescal Alley.

A unique experience that only Temescal can provide. Food, Beverage, Music, and Family Fun... A great way to spend an evening while supporting local schools and non profits! Each of our 20+ participating restaurants offers a bite or small plate to each ticket holder, with 20 bites in total if you visit all the restaurants!

Tickets are NOW available for purchase online:   Get Tickets

Tickets are timed this year with two options: 5-7pm or 7-9pm, in order to limit the number of attendees at any one time.

New this year, restaurants will be reimbursed for some of their food costs (normally donated) in order to help support our struggling restaurants. Purchasing additional food and drinks from participating restaurants at Taste of Temescal is also encouraged!

We are currently seeking volunteers for this year's event. Sign up HERE to volunteer.

Proceeds will benefit the following organizations:
Claremont Middle School
Emerson Elementary
Oakland Technical High School
Sankofa United Elementary School
La Clínica de La Raza

You may choose which organization your ticket sale will directly support! Get your tickets right away since we limit sales to 600.

To ensure that this year's Taste of Temescal culinary crawl is both fun and safe, we are modifying the format to maintain social distancing and enacting strict health and safety COVID protocols:

  1. Telegraph Ave will be closed to cars, 40th to 51st, to create sufficient space in the street for social distancing
  2. Face Coverings/Masks will be required by all Participants, Volunteers, Patrons, businesses and employees within the Taste of Temescal footprint, unless they are actively eating or drinking within the designated outdoor seating areas. Anyone not in compliance with this State, City + County ordinance will be offered a mask by a Temescal Ambassador, and if they refuse to comply, they will then be asked to leave.
  3. 6ft Physical Distancing requirements between people from different households will be communicated with clear, obvious, and frequent signage throughout Taste of Temescal, and enforced by Temescal Ambassadors and volunteers and lots of Signage. Participating businesses will ensure physical distancing inside their business and within their outdoor areas.
  4. Timed ticketing - for the first time, tickets will be sold for specific time periods, and during the purchase process, attendees will need to choose between 5-7pm or 7-9pm to attend the event. This will restrict the number of ticket holders at Taste of Temescal at one time to 300, spread across 11 blocks on Telegraph Ave (which is 73 feet wide)
  5. Additionally, there will be two will-call ticket booths, instead of one, and they will be located on opposite ends of the Taste of Temescal footprint - one at 51st, and the other at 40th, to direct half of ticket holders in a specific time block to start the culinary crawl on the North end of Telegraph, and the other half to start on the South end of Telegraph.
  6. Health and Safety Ambassadors — There will be 4 Temescal BID Ambassadors and staff, in addition to 40 trained volunteers throughout the Taste of Temescal footprint to reinforce all health + safety ordinances with friendly, but firm requests and reminders.
  7. 30 Sanitizing Stations — These will be provided throughout Taste of Temescal footprint – Telegraph Ave, 40th to 51st St for attendees to use.
  8. Additionally, each participating business will have their own Hand Sanitizing Pump for ticket holders to sanitize their hands Before and after receiving their food sample
  9. Designated and staffed eating areas in the street with 6-feet apart tables (that are frequently sanitized and monitored by trained volunteers). Ticket holders will be directed to only eat in those areas, so masks will be mandatory in all other areas - when they are walking around, and getting samples at each restaurant.
  10. Each designated outdoor seating area will have a City-approved site specific protection plan, implemented by trained volunteers that includes: wiping down tables after each party and ensuring the health code and ABC rules are followed by all participants. Consumption of Food and drink will only be permitted within the designated areas, and patrons will be asked to not eat/drink while walking between restaurants to ensure the safety of all attendees.
  11. The locations of where the samples are served will be moved, from right outside each restaurant, to spaced out sample tables in the street, with physical barriers between ticket holders and the volunteers to minimize contact.


If you purchased a ticket for the 2020 Taste of Temescal, and requested a refund from Brown Paper Tickets BUT never received a refund, we sincerely apologize. Unfortunately, we still have not received any funds from Brown Paper Tickets for last year's Taste of Temescal. And we don't know if or when we will ever get those proceeds. So unfortunately, we cannot apply 2020 purchases to 2021, since that would effectively reduce compensation to restaurants for food and reduce the funds donated to local schools and nonprofits. We apologize for the refund issues with Brown Paper Tickets; Online tickets will never be sold through them again. We are continuing to pursue any and all methods to recoup the funds that Brown Paper Tickets owes you, and our local schools and nonprofits.

There is an opportunity for a free ticket, if you are able to volunteer! You can volunteer for one of the timed ticketing slots, and then enjoy the event during the other slot. Sign ups are here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0F4EABA82DA3F85-taste1


Participating Restaurants and featured sample dishes in previous Taste of Temescal crawls have included:
Artichoke Basille's Pizza: Pork and beef meatballs topped with a red tomato sauce and a sprinkle of Parmesan and pecorino cheeses
Asmara Restaurant: Vegi combo lentil, collard greens,  split peas, brown peas and injera
Aunt Mary's Cafe: Squares of buttermilk pie
Bierhaus Oakland: Assorted sausage with curry ketchup and german mustard
Bird and Buffalo: Grilled chicken and papaya salad
Bowl'd BBQ:  Jhapchae (sweat potato noodles) and beef & vegetable potstickers
Burlap Coffee: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe drip coffee, nitro brew, cold brew, wild caught albacore tuna sandwich, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal and raisen cookies
Burma Superstar: Chicken bites with Teaioli sauce and Tea Leaf Salad with spicy, vegan fermented tea leaf dressing
Café Colucci: Buticha, Azifa, Shiro, Atakilt, Berbere and Mitmita
Co Nam: Wicked Buns - 5-spices marinated chicken, pickles, cucumber, onion, cilantro, fried buns
The Cro Cafe: "Sixth-dimension” Latte (Mint hibiscus-vanilla latte)
Curbside Creamery: 1/4 ice cream sandwichesl, Vanilla bean on gingersnaps, Chocolate on peanut butter cookies, strawberry on vanilla shortbread (v), Cookie dough on chocolate chip cookies (v)
Daol Tofu: Kimchi Fried Rice
EZ Taqueria: Mini chicken burrito, Mini beef burrito, Chicken quesadilla
Hancook: Shabu shabu
Hawking Bird: The Hawking Bird Sandwich -  organic chicken battered in rice flour then double fried served on a house made potato bun. Topped with our home made charred chili jam and slaw
Homeroom: Homemade Oreos
I Scream Donuts: Melon ball of sweet cream or small sample of lavender milkshake
Magpie Oakland: Variety of our house pizzas and serve small slices
Marufuku Ramen: Choice of Tonkotsu Soup or Chicken Paitan Soup with optional green onions and Kikurage mushroom
North Light: Lumpia Shanghai chicken, carrot, water chestnut, scallions, kimchi sweet and sour
Pizzaiolo: Meatballs al pizzaiolo
Prima Materia: Imperial Polenta with Ancient Roman Pork
RED SEA: Zigni (beef), beef chunks simmered in red pepper sauce and lanced wih exotic home-made spices. Birsin (Lentil) - ground split red lentils cooked with red pepper, gralic and ginger Hamli - Collard greens cooked in onion and garlic sauce *All items served on injara bread
Roses' Taproom: Choice of 5 oz portion of either a Hazy Pale Ale or Vienna Lager
Saucy Oakland: Saucy Wing tossed in soy ginger sauce with a side of garlic edamame
Smokin' Woods BBQ: Smoked Meatballs, Chicken, Potato salada or Baked Beans

LIVE MUSIC will accompany your feast along Telegraph Ave.

Media partnerships and Sponsorships are available. Email info@temescaldistrict.org to request details.