Valentine’s Day 2019 Events

Valentine’s Day is always a loving and special time of the year! It is a great opportunity to show someone that they are appreciated, and it also a chance to treat yourself and express a little self-love. Whether you are looking for a little pick-me-up for yourself or are planning out a special night for someone close to you, there are plenty of events here in Temescal which are sure to please.

Flowers @ Crimson | 11am – 6pm | Crimson Horticulture Rarities | 470 49th St. | $25 – $50
Crimson will be making bouquets and florals in the beautiful Temescal Alleys on Valentine’s Day. Come by to get flowers your loved one won’t forget. Other gifts will be available in the shop as well, including candles, chocolate, and caramels.
Valentine’s Day Market | 10:30am-3:30pm | Wild Child Boutique | 3834 Telegraph Ave.
For Valentine’s Day, Wild Child is offering sexy self-care items, lovers elixirs and serving complimentary, aphrodisiac tea, as well as a tarot reader offering love and relationship readings out front. Regardless if you are practicing self-love or sharing special time with a partner, Wild Child has something to inspire you! Special Valentine’s goodies include beautiful beeswax candles, hearts glass, and aphrodisiac body butter. They also have plenty of herbal tinctures to stimulate sexy vibes, romantic artworks, and self-care oriented Valentine’s gifts like herbal cigarettes and bath bombs. Come take a peek and prepare for your love rituals!
Radiant Heart Ceremony | 7:00 – 10:00pm | East Bay Community space | 507 55th Street | $45
Join East Bay Community Space for a sacred ceremony of worship where you will gather and open your hearts and celebrate the divine dance of sensation and awareness through our bodies. At the Radiant Heart Ceremony, you will be creating a safe space to call in the sacred, intimately connect, and expand your capacity for sensuality and presence. It’s a celebration of love the pulses through us all with a series of heart-opening partnered experiences. You’ll be guided into your senses through sacred poetry – connecting with your own body through movement and breath and to others through eye-gazing and consensual touch.