About Temescal BID

In 2014, commercial and residential property owners along Telegraph Avenue and adjoining areas voted to renew the existing special benefits assessment district along Telegraph Avenue from 40th to 66th Street (Berkeley border), including small portions of Shattuck Avenue, 51st Street, Claremont Avenue, and also Children's Hospital, and also to expand the district to include Telegraph from 40th  to West MacArthur, and 40th St from MacArthur BART to Broadway. This is known as the Temescal/Telegraph Business Improvement District ("Temescal Telegraph BID"). The BID is managed by the Temescal Telegraph Community Association(TTCA). Now, in 2024 we are again pursuing renewal such that we can keep serving the district for another 10 years.

The BID's mission is to create, promote and nurture an engaging destination for Bay Area residents, workers, and visitors to experience Temescal. We do so through strengthening our thriving economic base of both longtime and new businesses, celebrating the diverse cultures of the District and its events, and enhancing Temescal Telegraph's physical environment and public safety.

For more information on the Temescal Telegraph BID and its community efforts, view our final 2015-2020  Strategic Plan

District Maintenance:

Block by Block

Starting in 2017, Temescal Telegraph contracted with Block by Block to provide the following Environmental Maintenance Services in Temescal:

  • Removal of Litter and Debris
  • Removal of handbills, stickers, posters
  • Power Washing – hot spots
  • Watering Services – of the Temescal BID’s planters & landscaped medians
  • Graffiti removal from public property
  • Weed Control
  • Illegal Dumping – working with the city to remove illegal dumping.
  • Special Projects & limited landscaping
  • Pilot Community Engagement Program

2015-2024 Accomplishments include:

  • Held de-escalation trainings to educate and assist people experiencing mental health, substance abuse, and homelessness challenges.
  • Organized crime prevention meetings with City representatives, OPD, and district stakeholders.
  • Installed 107, of the 177 total LED pedestrian lights in the district.
  • Hung 120 re-branded pole banners that define the district.
  • Created the “Temescal Art Map” featuring 97 local artworks and conducted a public walking tour.
  • Coordinated volunteer planting events for community members to refresh 60 planters on Telegraph. Maintained regular upkeep of planters and landscaped medians.
  • Collaborated on repaving Telegraph Ave (between MacArthur and 51st) to include permanent bike lanes and street crossing zones.
  • Commissioned public art pieces, including the “Rise” mural on Shattuck Ave, touch-ups to other murals, and the painting of 14 utility boxes.
  • Hosted public events/panels for the Temescal Roots Project to increase community engagement.
  • Won a $10,000 grant to start Freedom Farmer’s Market in the district.
  • Increased our digital footprint on Instagram (7.8K followers), Facebook (4K followers), and our monthly newsletter (2.8K subscribers).
  • Hosted 30+ public events including Taste of Temescal, Temescal Street Fair, 40th Street Block Party, and Picnic on Telegraph.
  • Installed nine gateway signs at district entry points to identify our neighborhood.


Homelessness in our Community & the Temescal Community Engagement Program

The Temescal Telegraph Business Improvement District (TTBID) recognizes the complex social issues relating to homelessness and does not seek to contribute to the criminalization of unsheltered people. We encounter unsheltered individuals in our District on a daily basis, and our Ambassadors, staff and volunteers aim to treat every person with respect, professionalism and compassion. We recognize the importance of assessing needs for unsheltered individuals and, whenever possible, of connecting these members of our community with available resources to improve their living conditions and overall quality of life. While the TTBID alone cannot resolve major social issues of homelessness, mental illness, and the lack of affordable housing, we can continue to work together to make our streets, shops and neighborhood clean, safe and welcoming to all.

Temescal BID Community Engagement Program
For our Community Engagement Program, the Temescal BID Operations Manager and ambassadors engage with all members of the Temescal Community and provide a sense of hospitality, safety and assistance to deal with quality of life issues, as well as providing a welcoming presence in the Temescal District. Joey Harrison, the Temescal BID Operations Manager, has years of experience and training, working with individuals experiencing mental health issues, substance abuse issues and homelessness. While cleaning remains the team's first priority, the Operations Manager utilizes his experience and training to communicate with, and build relationships with all members of the Temescal Community. The ambassadors also receive training on compassionately and respectfully interfacing with people experiencing homelessness and mental health issues, de-escalation training, and business relations.

Joey Harrison, the Temescal BID Director of Operations, can be contacted for requests, questions and concerns regarding:

  • Maintenance, graffiti  on public property, litter, and illegal dumping
  • Answering calls for assistance from businesses and property owners, to deescalate any disruptive but non-emergency situations (510-295-9131)
  • Assessing needs for unsheltered individuals and, whenever possible, providing resource information and hygiene kits to members of our community to improve their living conditions and overall quality of life
  • Providing training, as requested, to BID stakeholders on how to compassionately and respectfully interact with people experiencing homelessness and mental health issues, as well as de-escalation training:

Jamar Leonard, Operations Manager: jamar@BlockbyBlock.com 510-295-9131