Renewal 2025

Soliciting votes to allow the TTBID to continue to serve the district

Every decade, we seek our constituents' support to renew the BID. Mailings were sent to each property owner in mid-February 2024 to explain the renewal process and solicit support/votes. Endorsement of our renewal means that we will be able to continue funding essential services that are not provided through the City of Oakland.

Document sent to property owners

The following 4-page pamphlet was created and sent to our constituents to explain:

  • How the BID promotes Temescal
  • Why renewal is important
  • How to vote "yes" for renewal

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS - key elements of renewal

The following two documents were not included in the mailings that were sent out due to their size. Instead they are posted here for those who want more granular information:

A map of the proposed boundaries of the Temescal District was included in the pamphlet - a larger, more detailed map is shown below.


Temescal Map - Large


If you have any questions please contact us at (510) 860-7327

or write to